This video has been making the rounds of social media lately. This guy really has impressive skills!

He also reminds us that in order to survive a zombie apocalypse, we’ll need some defensive skills that don’t rely on modern technology. In truly apocalyptic conditions, we’d run out of guns and ammunition long before we’d run out of reasons to defend ourselves.

Perhaps more important for the purposes of the writing classroom, this video demonstrates the importance of research and observation skills to learning most anything we need to know. This guy figured out how skilled archery was done in ancient times by studying ancient art work. He did his research, and he applied both observation and critical thinking to the process. This is exactly what we want to see happen for class research assignments.

How might you go about researching survival skills? If there a particular type of combat or weaponry that most interests you? If so, get busy researching. The more you know about weapons you can make and use without the aid of modern technology, the more likely you are to survive the apocalypse (or your zombie research assignment, whichever).

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